Mainstream Media Got it Wrong. The Correct Headline is...


Freestar runs a full page ad in the Weare Free Press exposing the reason the voters were prohibited from voting on the initiative...IT WAS GOING TO PASS! Read it here.


A small group of people killed the Lost Liberty Hotel petition in a committee meeting by adding the word "Not" in three places. They actually changed the wording of a petition after people had signed it. This will prevent the people of Weare from voting on it. Freestar seeks a pro-bono attorney to pursue this matter as a violation of the "right to petition" clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If you are an attorney and would like to volunteer your services please e-mail us with the subject "Legal Volunteer".


Logan Darrow Clements appeared on the FoxNews Channel show Hannity & Colmes on Monday 2/7/06.

Click here to watch it.


Keith Lacasse and Joshua Solomon support the Lost Liberty Hotel (Inn) project and are running for two open seats on the five person Board of Selectmen (Town Council). Help them win on March 14 by donating to their campaigns right now. Your contributions can make a big difference. The highest vote-getter in the March 2005 election received only 794 votes. The Committee for the Protection of Natural Rights is a group started by Weare residents whose the primary goal is the elimination of eminent domain abuse.


We seek to end eminent domain abuse by having those who advocate it, or facilitate it, live under their own laws. Today we suffered a setback.

190 Weare residents signed a petition asking the Town to do three things: 1) Seize Souter's land for the construction of an Inn, 2) set up a fund where donations could be accepted to cover the legal costs of doing this, and 3) set up a fund where donations could be accepted to provide the former owner with just compensation. The purpose of items 2 and 3 were to prevent Weare taxpayers from having to bear any cost for the Lost Liberty Hotel project. Instead, supporters all across America could donate to make it happen.

According to people who were at the Deliberative Session, this is what happened. One member of the Board of Selectmen implied that these funds would have to be paid for with an increase in taxes. Another Selectmen implied that the legal fund would amount to the Town suing itself. Members of the CPNR fought to counter this negative propaganda.

However, the politicians won today's battle. WALTER BOHLIN made a motion to sabotage the initiative by adding the word "NOT" before all three items. Mr. Bohlin is now running for Selectman in the March 14 election. Letters to Mr. Walter Bohlin may be sent to 27 Winter Hill Road, Weare, N.H. 03281. Mr. Bohlin confirmed that his phone is 603-529-5722 and his e-mail is A photo of Mr. Bohlin appears in the Boston Globe story. He is the guy in the light shirt and gray pants standing to the right of Keith Lacasse. Click here to see Walter.

Language was also added requesting that the governor and the legislature take action to stop eminent domain abuse. This is an empty gesture given that legislation to that end has already been circulating in the State Capitol for months.

To me it seems unethical and unconstitutional to change the language of a petition after it has been signed. It also seems wrong to prevent the voters of Weare from having the chance to vote on the initiative. However, only a lawyer could sort this out.

The vote was 94 in favor of adding the word "NOT" to the initiative and 59 opposed. Therefore, if just 36 more supporters showed up at the Deliberative Session this could have been prevented. Postcards were sent to every voter in Town, an ad was run in the Manchester Union Leader and flyers were distributed door to door during our Rally. As we walked door to door support for our proposal seemed surprisingly high. However, support without action is worthless.

We have lost this battle but not the war. Stay tuned...

Logan Darrow Clements

Castle Coalition Maps the Battles

The Castle Coalition is on the front lines of the battle against eminent domain abuse. Their lawyers have been fighting "little dictators" (otherwise known as mayors and city councils) from sea to shining sea with court challenges, rallies and even billboards. Today they put all the current eminent domain batttles on a Google Map. Click the below image to visit their website.

Bank Refuses to Lend Money to Eminent Domain Abusers

Arlington, Va.-BB&T, the nation’s ninth largest financial holdings company with $109.2 billion in assets, announced today that it “will not lend to commercial developers that plan to build condominiums, shopping malls and other private projects on land taken from private citizens by government entities using eminent domain.”

In a press release issued today by the bank, BB&T Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Allison, said, “The idea that a citizen’s property can be taken by the government solely for private use is extremely misguided, in fact it’s just plain wrong. One of the most basic rights of every citizen is to keep what they own. As an institution dedicated to helping our clients achieve economic success and financial security, we won’t help any entity or company that would undermine that mission and threaten the hard-earned American dream of property ownership.”

Like Logan Darrow Clements, John Allison is also a fan of the philosophy of Objectivism which was discovered and systematized by Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, The Virtue of Selfishness and many other fiction and non-fiction works. More information about Objectivism can be found via one of the two competing Objectivist organizations: The Ayn Rand Institute and The Objectivist Center.

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